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Graphics Cafe

About GC :

The name itself tells a story, ‘Graphic’ stands for creativity and ‘Cafe’ stands for connecting people. We started this journey in 2019. The journey to building a platform for showcasing the talents in our college. To build a channel to transmit our voice to the world. The team consists of two wings (DESIGN, DEVELOPERS) for nurturing creative ideas and two wings (SOCIAL MEDIA, NETWORKING) focused on connecting people. We have created a Student media channel on youtube. Our team focuses on maintaining the channel of information inside the college and also creating a bridge with the outside world. All the activities and event details are available on our different social media accounts.

There are no boundaries for dreaming, We work every day to make them come true. Join Us! Let the world hear Us.

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As per the directions from ADSA and faculty coordinator the interviews for the formation of the club were conducted online from 22nd August 2021 to 28th August 2021. The following members have been selected for the respective roles mentioned alongside.

Alpha Team

S.No Name Domain Phone
1 Nikhil B Design 9550448365
2 Vibin Dave D Design 9550448365
3 K Yeswanth Developer 9550448365
4 B Sai Kaushik Networking 7382560628
5 Aditya Networking 7208594128
6 Sohitha Networking 7382560628
7 Hriman Mandal Social Media 8686053384
8 Sumanth Social Media 9502423401
9 Praveen Kumar Reddy Social Media 8309440011

Core Team

S.No Name Domain Phone
1 Koppadi Siva Sai Varma Design 8328298609
2 Garlapati Suharika Design 6303865540
3 Ch. Likith Design 9390242478
4 Parupudi Pavan Subhash Design 9390242478
5 Pasyavula Sree Sathya Design 9182452702
6 Divya Design 7288096279
7 Vikram Sable Design 7387061609
8 Monish Nagireddy Developer Wing 9912213088
9 Jangam Abhinav Developer Wing 8179174638
10 Subrahmanyam Kolachina Developer Wing 9492875779
11 Syed Riyaz Ahmed Developer Wing 830944011
12 Rajeet Chaudary Developer Wing 8328298609
13 Adarsh Varshney Developer Wing 8179984925
14 Raja Karthik Vogubari Developer Wing 8341425621
15 Parasa Naga Venkata Pavan Developer Wing 7569301121
16 Pancharatnela Vishnu Developer Wing 9494363653
17 Sriram Kumar Nallapati Networking Wing 8523869911
18 Shreyanshi Srivastava Network Wing 749937711
19 Srikanth Doupati Network Wing 9390433539
20 Akshaya Network Wing 9390384334
21 Palaparthi Anusha Network Wing 8074293325
22 Shreyash Gore Network Wing 9256060892
23 Anam Hussian Social Media Wing 7013281430
24 Tathagat Social Media Wing 7013281430
25 Tota Ankesh Social Media Wing 8688772558
26 Aaditya Priyadarshi Social Media Wing 8688772558