Dhwani (Music Club)


Faculty Coordinator
NIT Andhra Pradesh kirankumargurrala@nitandhra.ac.in



The Music Club of NIT Andhra Pradesh

About Us

The students of 2017-20 Batch have founded our club. It was named Dhwani. The Music Club is rich in its talent, coordination and brotherhood. The Club always brings out fun and creativity from the Enthusiastic Musicians through various Events, Competitions and Workshops.


We aim to discover and enhance the hidden Music talents in Enriched Minds.

The Music Club serves as a platform for Musicians of all genres and Skill Levels to showcase their talent at various events held.


Explore and move towards the art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.

As a team, we strive to encourage every individual to experience the very essence of Music from within.

"Without Music, Life would be a Mistake"

  -Friedrich Nietzsche


Events conducted by Music Club

Song Slam

The Soloist

Pick your Track

Karoake: Open Mic

Guess It, Win It!

Vulcanzy Idol

Lyrical Meastro



Dil Wali Diwali

Sadhana 2.0


The list of Selected Students for the posts of General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Executive members.

S. No Name Position Year Contact No.
1 Saran S General Secretary IV 9500960549
2 Gajji Prem Kumar Co-Secretary IV 8897985355
3 Manogjna Singuluri Joint Secretary III 9392376694
4 Jahnavi Patchigulla Joint Secretary III 7569775197
5 Vislavath Tejeswar Naik Joint Secretary III 6301859757
6 Appana Sai Tanmai Joint Secretary III 7997697657
7 P V L Narasimha Rao Joint Secretary III 6301886936
8 Maddili Gnana Pramod Joint Secretary III 7780289146
9 Penumala Vikas Joint Secretary III 6300764060
10 Naathi Manaswini Joint Secretary III 9391317326
11 Jaya Sai Vinay Ankam Joint Secretary III 8688330996
12 Palepu Sri Hrushitha Joint Secretary III 9014082145
13 Adithya Ashok Executive Member III 8086688607
14 B Manu Executive Member III 7893446573
15 Alli Bindupriya Executive Member III 9347248365
16 Y Divya Executive Member III 8688269753
17 Yuvasri G Executive Member III 6383883654
18 Swaroop Chandra Executive Member II 9494961941
19 M Harshith Executive Member II 9705667684
20 N Mohana Ganga Executive Member II 9505654154
21 D Praveen Kumar Executive Member II 9381433964
22 Reenu Supreeta Executive Member II 8897555399
23 G Sravani Executive Member II 6302020752
24 K Manogna Executive Member II 8309026349
25 Vaddi. Reshmamanjulatha Executive Member II 7416892715
26 Challa Vijaya Vasuki Nandana Executive Member II 9494073837
27 Rushi Gujarathi Executive Member II 8668464548
28 Arvind Kumar Executive Member II 9782832627
29 Divyanshu Bajpai Executive Member II 8934890826
30 Sreevarsha Executive Member II 7075240150
31 Monish Kumar D Executive Member II 7603954262
32 Prakhar Singh Executive Member II 8957590771