Shilpi (Model Making Lobby)


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Shilpi (Model Making Lobby)

Shilpi club is a part of Technical and Cultural clubs of NIT Andhra Pradesh which is newly formed in the Academic year 2021 – 2022. This is an ingenuity-enhancing locus of the NIT Andhra Pradesh that mimics the institute’s goal of nurturing innovation in students.

The enriched culture of the NIT Andhra Pradesh works for uplifting the student’s skills through the student activity clubs and this is one of the platforms to attain the intent. Through this student meets high standards of excellence in crafts and designing, and they can correlate their theoretical knowledge to gain hands on experience in their practical knowledge technically, through wide variety of events conducted in various fields like 3D modeling, waste management, Robotics etc.It aspires ultimately Inovation,visualization, and inspiration over practical theories.


The Shilpi club has its own purpose of making students to gain practical hands on experience and to empower the students to become confident, articulate who will contribute as active citizens to the community.


To bring out the inner talent of the Students of NIT Andhra Pradesh and help those to learn crafting by providing a platform where one can improve their modeling skills.

The club aims to bring out the young talents to make their both the ends meet i.e., the engineering theories Vs real life situation via Practical models.


List of events:

Students to meet high standards of excellence in crafts and designing a model, and to show their theoretical knowledge practically the Shilpi Club is going to conduct the following events for the Academic year 2021-22.

Sl.No Name of the Event Date of Event Prize and Certification
1 Be the Change 05 Sep 2021 Prize or certificate of appreciation
2 Code Fiesta 09 Oct 2021 Prize or certificate of appreciation
3 Waste Finery 06 Nov 2021 Merit certificate
4 Fit Robo 29 Dec 2021 Prize or certificate of appreciation
5 Rebuild Dream 22 Jan 2022 Prize or certificate of appreciation
6 Waste to Energy 05 Feb 2022 Merit certificate
7 Motif Castle 05 Mar 2022 Prize or certificate of appreciation
8 Legitimate Creation 02 Apr 2022 Merit certificate
1. Be the change [Go for green (Clay) Ganesha]:

Day by day the environment is being polluted due to most of the human activities such one is using Plaster of Paris for making idol for Ganesh chaturthi. So we came up with an event named “Be the change” to go for Green Ganesha or Clay Ganesha instead of Ganesha made using Plaster of Paris and save environment from being polluted.

2. Code Fiesta:

Do you love coding? Here is the chance for you attract others using just your coding. Develop a graphic model using your coding knowledge. The graphic model can be anything either it can be a image or a model design or a hidden message etc. here is an example video for better understanding.

3. Waste Finery:

Waste will remain as waste less until unless we separate it. There are different kinds of waste which in combined manner acts as waste less but can be turn worthy individually. There is an event for that waste less form of waste. Develop a model to extract energy from E- waste or create a model to convert the E – waste into a useful material.

4. Fit Robo:

Hey! Robotics Uhh! Which might involve much coding but I’m..... There might be the use of coding knowledge which is waste less if the outfit doesn’t fit for it. So here is an event to showcase your talents in developing that outfit model of the robotics with the moving joints (most preferable). The robot can be of any kind and you can use any kind of material to develop your demo model and should be able to explain the overall structure,material used in the original model and all in a creative manner which is different or optimized one in various aspects with the already existing one.

5. Rebuild dream:

Are you interested in constructing your dreams? Why can’t you construct them in real world? Bit difficult! Here is an interesting event for you to construct. Wait wait! It’s not your dream, an already existing building. Here is a challenge for you to implement a 3d model of our institute/any block. You can use different kinds of software for the same. The one which is most realistic will stand in the first place.

6. Waste to Energy:

Best out of waste have you ever heard about this? But this is different from what actually you are thinking. A shilpy is the one who converts a useless thing into a usefull one. It can be anything either it can be an idol from a stone or something else. Here comes an interesting event to convert the waste into a best source of energy. Use your technical skills to think how best it can be and be the startup to convert the massive garbage in our kitchen into a huge energy source.

7. Motif castle:

The finishing work makes an art more beautiful, the detailing of a 3d model makes it more attractive. Here is an existing event for you. Sand castle! We might build so many times in our childhood. Now we are grown up and we can make it more attractive with its detailing. Develop a sand castle with a great finishing or beautiful detailing.

8. Legitimate Creation:

Engineering is the application of science. We make it into different parts just for our convenience. Every branch has its own importance in developing an application and every application needs people from different branches of engineering to fulfill its requirement. So here comes an existing event. Develop a 3d model using engineering principles involved in various branches and produce it as a solution for a daily life problem.


The Club has been formed under a faculty coordinator with a Secretary, three Joint Secretaries and 10 Executive numbers.

Name Will server as Year Branch
Dr.Talari Reshma Co-ordinator --- ---
K. Dhanush Rahul Secretary IV B.Tech CIVIL
A. Manikanta Co-Secretary IV B.Tech CIVIL
M. Nagendra Goud Joint Secretary IV B.Tech CIVIL
P.S.S.Vasthava Rayulu Joint Secretary III B.Tech MECH
Praveen Joint Secretary III B.Tech ECE
A. Yashwanth Sai Kumar Executive Member IV B.Tech CIVIL
Lahari Executive Member III B.Tech CSE
Bhanu Murali Executive Member III B.Tech CSE
Devi Sri Executive Member III B.Tech MME
Sri Ram Executive Member III B.Tech CIVIL
Kondal Reddy Executive Member III B.Tech MECH
Tejo Manasa Executive Member III B.Tech CSE
Mudassir Executive Member III B.Tech ECE
Jayaprakash Executive Member III B.Tech BIOT
V. Krishna Priya Executive Member III B.Tech MECH
Sai Krupa Executive Member III B.Tech CHEM
Mamatha Executive Member III B.Tech MME
Gotha Rao Executive Member II B.Tech CIVIL
Rakshitha Executive Member II B.Tech CIVIL
Shivani Executive Member II B.Tech MECH
Rama Harshini Executive Member II B.Tech BIOT
Sri Devi Executive Member II B.Tech MECH