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NIT Andhra Pradesh



The magazine club of the institute proudly presents its unique creation in the form of the annual magazine every year which serves as a platform to highlight the literary and artistic segment of the NIT Andhra Pradesh family


The magazine is a strategic, flagship communication vehicle of NIT Andhra Pradesh that reaches the institute’s widest audience and conveys the life and mission of NIT Andhra Pradesh to its extended family: faculty, staff, alumni, donors, friends and members. Our institute has a very rich culture with students and faculty from different states. The versatile inheritance and background become the strength of this institute. The objective therefore is to gain knowledge of this rich culture and create a platform in the form of yearly publication which will showcase the talents of NIT Andhra Pradesh community

The essential purpose of the magazine is to inform, engage, inspire and entertain a diverse leadership by presenting and intimate timely and honest portrait of the college, its people, its programs, its history, its challenges, its resources and its mission.


The magazine mission is to build and maintain relationship between the institute and its constituencies by engaging them with intelligent, sophisticated, provocative and enjoyable content that meets high standards of excellence in professional writing, design and photography. Each year our team of editors, designers, photographers, and correspondents in addition to generating creative content from the student population work extensively, to report on events in the college. By maintaining the respect and interest of its readers, the magazine aspires ultimately to inform their opinion of the college and strengthen their commitment to its welfare. In the originality of its conception, in the excellence of its writing and visual presentation, and in its commitment to its accuracy, editorial balance the magazine endeavours to reflect the values and quality of the institution itself. The team hopes to build on this ethos just as much during the upcoming academic years.


S.No Roll No. Name of the Student Role
1 711821 Roshan Secretary
2 111905 Divya Joint Secretary
111913 Tallapragada Hema Sri
3 311852 Sahani Reddy Executive Members
511975 S. Dillesh
511988 Vandanapu Sri Naga Kalyani
9201202 Ramireddy Venkatasai Reddy
9201310 Ritvik G
9201321 Shivam
9201326 Srikanth Doupati
9202315 Aaditya Priyadarshi
9201354 Mayank Kumar Sain
9202128 Kesana Raja Narendra Manikanta
4 9202145 Parakala Sai Sri Krishna Member
111810 Reethika Mattewada

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